実用的であるとは、そこに暮らす人の生活に合った機能を備えているということです。例えば、リビングにちょっとしたサイズの収納があり、急な来客があれば雑多な物を 一時避難させることができるとか。空間全体としては明る過ぎない落ち着いた雰囲気を出しながらも、本を読んだり、料理をしたり、作業する場所にはきちんと手元を照らす灯りがあるなど。そういった、あると便利だなぁという所をたくさん作るように心がけています。

 実用的であるとは、そこに暮らす人の生活に合った機能を備えているということです。例えば、リビングにちょっとしたサイズの収納があり、急な来客があれば雑多な物を 一時避難させることができるとか。空間全体としては明る過ぎない落ち着いた雰囲気を出しながらも、本を読んだり、料理をしたり、作業する場所にはきちんと手元を照らす灯りがあるなど。そういった、あると便利だなぁという所をたくさん作るように心がけています。

「cozy」「 practical」 and「 long-lasting」
Coziness is also a thermal environment in which the mind is at ease and the body is relaxed. No matter how cool the house is, it is not cozy if it is hot and sweaty in the summer or cold in the winter, making housework tedious.
Even if you don’t go out anywhere on your days off, it would be nice to have a house where you can relax while looking at the greenery in the garden, and where your mind and body can be healed.

To be practical means to be equipped with functions that suit the lives of the people who live there.
For example, a small storage space in the living room where miscellaneous things can be temporarily sheltered if there are sudden visitors. The space as a whole has a calm atmosphere that is not too bright, but there are lights to illuminate your hand when you read a book, cook, or work. I try to create many places where it would be convenient.

Long-lasting means using natural materials that change over time as much as possible. Wood, clay, Japanese paper, brass, iron, etc., these materials develop their own flavor and atmosphere as they are used. In reality, the floor gets scratched and the walls get dirty, but to put it bluntly, that is the history of the family living there. Thinking of it this way makes us feel more attached to it. The beauty of natural materials is the way they change over time.



The house we design is like this.
・Even without large windows on the south side of the house, the house will be able to feel enough sunlight.
・In the winter, the house will take in the sun’s rays and convert them into heating energy.

・In summer, the greenery in the garden will gently shield the house from direct sunlight, keeping the house cool.
・The lighting plan is not too bright at night, so that the family can enjoy their time together in a relaxed.
・The house has many places to be, so that the family can feel the presence of each other.
・The temperature difference between rooms should be kept to a minimum to reduce the stress of daily life.